When creating content in Candu, you have the option of creating flows or interactive types of content using Journeys. This basically means the ability to have content change from one thing to another when something is selected or clicked.

Some common examples of this include:

  • Carousels

  • Onboarding Flows or Multi-step Progress Flows

  • Navigation menus

  • Tabs to flick between different content

For a quick summary of Journeys please view this short 5-minute introduction.

When adding a call-to-action component like a button or a card, you have the ability to set the interaction on this as 'Change Content'. This means that when a user clicks the CTA, the linked Candu content will appear on the same page!

Under 'Blocks' there are also a number of pre-built templates you can use to quick-start your Journey creation process.

🤩 Please note this is the first iteration of Journeys so we welcome any feedback.

Use Cases for Journeys

Onboarding Flows

This is one of our favorite use cases here at Candu and one we use Journeys for ourselves! You can create an onboarding flow that simply introduces your users to your product or you can create a personalized flow based on what steps a user selects.

As an example, let's say that you are a Helpdesk software that has a lot of variables when it comes to the best way to set up your new account.

You can create a flow that:

  • asks a user what type of inbox is appropriate

  • where they are migrating from

  • what inbox would they like to setup

  • show them a homepage or end piece of content that matches their selection

This can allow you to create a personalized product-led experience right from the first time a user enters your product which will lead to improved activation rates and time to first value.

Learn how to create an onboarding flow →


If you have lots of content you want to show off, but don't have the space to display it all, Carousels are a great component type to use! Common types of content you may want to feature include:

  • Customer testimonials

  • Blog Posts

  • New features

  • Academy Courses

  • Different Resources e.g your community site, your knowledgebase

You can use Journeys to create a Carousel and switch between different pieces of content.

Learn how to create a carousel experience →

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