Allow users to launch Pendo guides to improve completion rates and provide an interactive, user first experience.

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You can use Candu content to launch Pendo guides so that you can link users directly to guides at a time that suits them. We have written a whole blog on why this is a great combination - check it out!

How to connect Candu and Pendo Guides:

  1. In the Candu Editor, open the content to which you want to add a Pendo Guide link.

  2. Add a button or a card to the content by dragging one from the elements or containers section of the palette on the left side of the page.

  3. Select the button or card. Click the dialog button in the lower right corner of the button or card, or select “Integrations” at the top of the toolbox on the right.

  4. Select the URL option and choose whether you want it to open in a new tab or not.

  5. Paste the Pendo Guide permalink in the URL box. You can include the base URL or, if you use relative links, just paste the permalink. For more information on retrieving a permalink URL for a Pendo Guide, see their help desk article: Guide Permalinks. Note: The Pendo Guide must be set to "Public" to display correctly.

  6. Test your integration by opening the content in "Preview" and clicking the button you just created. The Pendo Guide should open as expected. If the Guide does not open correctly, see troubleshooting tips below. If the link is configured correctly, click Publish.

Pendo Guides for Candu, Powerful Solutions For Improving User Adoption

Troubleshooting Pendo Guides:

  • Double-check that you have retrieved the correct permalink. It should start with ?pendo=[unique_url]

  • Confirm that the user name you are testing with is in the correct Pendo segment. Pendo has a great troubleshooting module about which Guides are active for users. Why is my Guide not showing?

  • Make sure that the Guide is set to launch correctly. If you are launching a Pendo Guide from a button, we recommend selecting “No Activation Method” so that it only pops up when the user clicks the button. Otherwise, they may be exposed to it earlier in the process and it might not launch correctly from the button itself. More on activation methods.

As with all buttons in Candu, you can configure event tracking. This allows you to identify all users who have clicked the button and launched the Guide. For more information about event tracking, see Analytics.

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