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Overview of Influitive x Candu
Overview of Influitive x Candu

Use Candu's no-code editor to create custom user experiences that boost customer engagement in your Influitive community.

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Build a better community experience

Embed engaging custom content that's on-brand and in-Hub

Start more discussions

Highlight your top categories and make it easy for members to find key topics with quick-design grid or carousel cards.

Announce anything

Promote events, resources, or challenges. Branded, inline banners drive registrations, views and completions.

Create custom content

Customize your Hub's main header, add an onboarding checklist, or design a complete Getting Started page.

Personalize by group

Create targeted content by persona or customer. Candu Segments integrates with Influitive Groups.

ℹ️ Please note that no personal information is passed between Influitive and Candu. The only information Candu receives is an anonymous User ID and the language associated with the account.

Design it fast

Candu's pre-built Influitive template pack will elevate your community in a matter of days. Simply switch out the copy, images, and CTAs.

Easy Installation

A small snippet of Javascript will be added to the Branding > Custom Advocate JS section on your Influitive environment(s). This will contain a unique client token that relates to your Candu account to tie the two systems together.

It will also specify the 'selectors/divs' - areas of your Influitive Hub where Candu can be placed - and you can request specific places where you want to embed content if required.

Candu & Influitive will take care of this integration side of things for you!

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